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NY Pizza Dreams...

Growing up in Dutchess County, New York, 65-miles north of NYC, we’re passionate about New York Pizza and Old School Italian Flavors. Never owning a restaurant and needing a career change, we took a leap of faith and opened Little Pops (named after Vicki’s “Shorter” Grandfather). With help from our brother Louis and his son, Steven, who own Little Pops Pizza in Maybrook, NY, we took the family traditions and recipes handed down to us and opened Little Pops Pizzeria in 2014 in Naperville IL.

In February of 2019, our documentary was released on YouTube, NY Pizza Dreams. Its our story how we entered the pizza business after loosing almost everything we owned. A true testament on how God had other plans for our family. We continue to Bless others and give back to our community.

In August 2020, we opened our second location in Aurora IL. This Little Pops Express model has surpassed our expectations and the model has been proven to be successful. We have successfully increased our loyalty program from 7,500 to over 30,000 customers!

We have decided to take the Little Pops show on the road with our custom-built Authentic Wood Burning Pizza Trailer. Chef and Owner Mike Nelson is fully trained in wood burning style pizza and is certified by the Scuola Italiana Pizzaioli, Italy’s oldest pizza Scuola.

Using our same fine Award Winning ingredients and dough as we use in our pizzerias and adding the smoke from our wood burning oven takes Little Pops Pizza to another whole level of flavors.

You and your guests will have a Memorable event with the

Little Pops Pizza Wagon and Team!

Memories, Moments, Traditions, Family, and Neighborhood…

that’s the Little Pops Way!


Since 1991​

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